The Word of God
The Word of God

These books are all religious and address issues of today with Christians and churches alike.

Each title is linked to the Printable version or ebook available for Kindle reader or app.

The Gospel of Mark – A Commentary

A class taught by Brother Clayton now edited as a commentary for any Christian studying Mark’s Gospel. Even though John Mark was refused by Paul for the second journey, he later became a helpful minister. His record of the life of Christ is written to the Roman followers in their way of speaking and writing.


The Impressive Jesus 

Suggested by Terry Bennett of Dallas, Tx this was the last work Joe did before his death. Finished in 2016 it addresses the wonders of Jesus and his power as God over the devil, sin, the elements of the earth and the weather itself. He was truly the Impressive Messiah Jesus. Kindle Version


Thunderous Silence of God

An examination of the usefulness of the famous slogan devised by Thomas Campbell, in the dawn of the Restoration Movement, to the reviving of the cause of Christian Unity, and the enlargement of its principles in his pamphlet entitled Declaration and Address.  

First published in 1972 and revised by the author in 2009.

Kindle Version here

Quickly Removing – Slowly Returning

Kindle Version here

A commentary on the church of Jesus Christ, its demise and restoration in America from 1800 to the present. Copyright 2003

Squeezing Through the Needles Eye

Kindle Version here

Written in 1999 as a treatise on American Christians and the subject of Stewardship in the land blessed with so much called the United States of America. Subtitled, Affluence and the Christian.

Reality Checks for Christians

A book written for American Christians and the trials and tribulations that they face that are unique to our country and our form of government. This gives us a different perspective that Christians in the rest of the world and how we deal or should deal with it.

An Apostolic Manifesto -Kindle Version or Paperback

A commentary on the Letter to the Romans by the Apostle Paul. Dealing with all of the issues and greatness of the Roman church before the Apostasy.

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