Joe Neil Clayton 

November 28, 1928
to May 1, 2017


“The Gospel of Mark” – A Commentary

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Joe Neil Clayton, Evangelist of the primitive gospel of Jesus the Christ for over 60 years offers his books, papers and sermons to you via the web. Born in McAlester, OK in 1928 and growing up in Shawnee and Oklahoma City, he began serving as a preacher while attending Abilene Christian College. He has worked all over the United States. Beginning in Texas, Oklahoma, Texas again, Montana, Oklahoma again, Alabama, California, Texas and for the last 10 years of his preaching career in Loma Rica, California where he served as evangelist and elder. He lived with his daughter and son in law in Dallas, TX  and attended the Campbell Rd. church of Christ until his passing on May 1 of 2017. He leaves a family of 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren who serve the Lord.

Why This Website

Teaching to the end….



The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ offers the free gift of salvation to any who will meet the requirements He has connected with that salvation. It is in this manner that the contents of this website is offered to any who desire to use or study the material that is included in it. We are in the process of adding the books to Amazon both in Paperback and Kindle versions.

It was always his endeavor to seek and present only divine truth, with no contamination of human opinion or commandment. This task is not too difficult, if the student of the Will of God is willing the learn only what God reveals, and yields his will to that of God. There is in this offering the conviction that the Bible, and especially the New Testament needs no human revision or addition (or even subtraction).

It was not his purpose to garner praise for himself, please give your praise only to God, if any of the writings offered on this site helps you to learn the Way of salvation, or guides you in your Christian life.

Joe Neil Clayton,


Preaching the Simple Gospel of Christ for 60+ years